userdirs problem

John Sutton
Tue May 11 17:45:01 UTC 2004

Hi there

In respect of -U userdirs, man dccm says "Each log directory must exist or 
logging for the corresponding is silently disabled." and I'm trying to 
understand what this means...

I'm using 1.2.45 and have found that:

1) if the userdir exists then _in_addition_to_ writing a log to the main 
logdir, a log is also written to the userdir.  I haven't tested it but I 
presume that if there is more than 1 env_To line then a log will be written 
to each userdir that exists;

2) OTOH, if the userdir does not exist, only the log in the main logdir is 

Is this correct?  I want to check because providing that behaviour 2 is as 
expected (rather than a bug or an oversight which the quote from the manpage 
rather implies?), then it looks sensible to write a cron job to scan the main 
logdir and call libexec/newwebuser (or similar) to create the userdirs as 
they are required.



John Sutton
SCL Internet
Tel. +44 (0) 1239 711 888

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