greylist embargo not ending

Vernon Schryver
Mon May 3 15:48:13 UTC 2004

> From: "Bolmerg-Berliner Ludger - Munich-MR" 

> I have an issue with messages (no spam) coming from a fairly big ISP which do not leave the greylist embargo.
> Here is an example from the sendmail maillog (sender and recipient addresses have been modified):

> It is obviously the same message that gets embargoed. 

> The msgid is always the same.  For some reason the size value in
> the maillog file differs sometimes.  

On the contrary, it is obviously not the same message if its size varies.

That the Message-ID lines in the messages are the same only indicates
that the sender has a broken message-ID generator as well as broken
response to 4yz temporary rejections.

The first step toward a solution is look at the messages themselves.
Turn on DCC logging.  If you use dccm or dccifd, ensure that the 
log directory (often /var/dcc/log) is writable.  If you use dccproc,
add -E -l logdir to however you invoke dccproc.  Ensure that you do not
have an "option greylist-log-off" line in either the per-user or
global whitelist.

Then look at the DCC log files.

Vernon Schryver

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