How large should dcc_db be?

Vernon Schryver
Fri Apr 23 00:44:46 UTC 2004

> From: Gary Mills 

> I'm running 1.2.32.  There are no such flags in dcc_conf.  This
> particular machine has 2 gigs of real memory, and 7 gigs of virtual.
> So, the files are going to get larger?

If (or as) the common database of bulk mail checksums grows,
and if you do not install the current version,
then the files will increase.

I would install the current version by running /var/dcc/libexec/updatedcc

The web page list of servers sorted by version number at
might be a way to judge the safetyof installing the current version.
It is only a few hours old.  (That web page is supposed to be available
only to current operators of DCC servers connected to the global network
of DCC servers.)

(I've made a note to change updatedcc to accept a version number for
those who prefer installing slightly older versions.)

Starting several with version 1.2.33, dbclean reduces the default -e
and -E values to try to fit the database into half of the available RAM.

I made that change because the common database with the old default -e
and -E values is approach 2 GBytes, and most DCC servers don't have
4 GBytes.

A change in 1.2.44 is to switch from half of physical RAM to either
half or all less 512 MByte, whichever is larger.  There are a bunch of
DCC servers with 2 GByte or more and the old heuristic of 50% seemed
too conservative for them.

Vernon Schryver

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