Problems with Iptable firewall and DCC

Vernon Schryver
Thu Apr 22 12:49:09 UTC 2004

> From: "Stephen Misel" 

> I think you need TCP as well as UDP.

Not unless a local DCC server is trying to peer with distant peers.

> > I am having problems with getting DCC working on my RH Linux 8 server.
> > After a successful install, doing
> > 	cdcc info
> > results in no servers found.
> ...

I would first try turning off all local packet filtering to verify
that the local filtering is the problem.  I would also try `traceroute`
with suitable parameters to send to UDP ports around 6277.

Another effective diagnostic tactic is to use traceroute send to
arbitrary UDP ports from port 6277 from a distant system.   This does
require that that you have an account on a distant system that does not
filter DCC/UDP/IP traffic.

Vernon Schryver

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