question about greylisting and SMTP AUTH relaying

Craig Constantine
Tue Apr 20 14:36:06 UTC 2004

Hi All,

scenario: DCC 1.2.39 client with the sendmail milter interface. Sendmail 
8.12. I'm running in a Linux (2.4 kernel) environment. DCC is filtering my 
inbound email fine. I'm thinking about starting to use greylisting. But, I 
have a large number of mail user agents that relay mail after SMTP AUTH.

I read about the sendmail macros for dcc_isspam and dcc_notspam. But I 
don't understand what exactly I have to do to my sendmail config to make 
sendmail set/mark (what's the terminology?) a message as dcc_notspam when 
the client has been successfully authenticated via SMTP AUTH...

My has simply:

My has the resulting:
# Input mail filters
O InputMailFilters=dcc

# Milter options
#O Milter.LogLevel
O Milter.macros.connect=j, _, {daemon_name}, {if_name}, {if_addr}, 
{dcc_isspam}, {dcc_notspam}
O Milter.macros.helo={tls_version}, {cipher}, {cipher_bits}, 
{cert_subject}, {cert_issuer}
O Milter.macros.envfrom=i, {auth_type}, {auth_authen}, {auth_ssf}, 
{auth_author}, {mail_mailer}, {mail_host}, {mail_addr}, {dcc_isspam}, 
{dcc_notspam}, {dcc_mail_host}
O Milter.macros.envrcpt={rcpt_mailer}, {rcpt_host}, {rcpt_addr}, 
{dcc_isspam}, {dcc_notspam}

Can someone swing the cluebat at me, or point me to a FAQ I missed?

Thanks in advance,

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