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John Sutton
Wed Apr 14 16:07:17 UTC 2004

On Wednesday 14 April 2004  4:18 pm, Martin Helas wrote:
> Brian T Glenn wrote:
> > I think what he said was a bit of a misnomer. When Debian creates binary
> > packages, everything that will be installed on the system is copied into
> > a fake root filesystem under the build tree. For example, if you build
> > in your homedir, it might look like this:
> >
> > /home/user/deb/dcc-1.2.39/tmp/
> >
> > Then under this directory you would have /var/dcc and the make install
> > puts everything inside there as opposed to installing it on the  host
> > system. The standard for Debian (and also the GNU guidelines from
> > autoconf, i just know how you love those Vernon :)) is to use $DESTDIR
> > from the configure script in order to modify this path.
> >
> > I hope that clear it up a little,
> Hi Vernon, hi Brian,
> what Brian discribes is exactly what i wanted to say. For debian
> packaging you need to put every file to be installed in some kind of
> fake root filesystem. With the structure in the Makefile Vernon wrote, this
> is mostly impossible. The method i do debian-packaging now , which i think
> is not very clever, is to skip "make install" and put everything what "make
> install" should do into the debian/rules file (similar to rpm-specfile).
> As soon as Vernon changes something within this part, i have to adopt
> this into the debian/rules file.
> I could do that, but it makes packaging not so easy. I think. rewriting
> the dcc-makefile only once for DESTDIR-support is much less effort.

The alternative workaround is to do the build in a chroot environment.  This 
is not so difficult - see - but 
obviously so not good as doing it "properly" in the Makefile.  But I'm 
intrigued by what Vernon said about "the HINSTALL and DCC_PROTO_HOMEDIR 
mechanism that is already in the Makefile"?  Maybe the means to do it 
properly has been there all along but I never spotted it...


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