Small Patch

Brian T Glenn
Wed Apr 14 14:21:03 UTC 2004

On Tue, Apr 13, 2004 at 09:08:54PM -0600, Vernon Schryver may have written:
> Your changes to the Makefiles are not enormous, but neither are they
> small.  Before I could include them I would need to spend time testing
> them to ensure that they are necessary and sufficient.  For example,
> it seems odd to install the man pages in the chroot filesystem.  Then
> there are the `cdcc` and `chown` commands in homedire/Makefile that
> don't seem to be working with your $(DESTDIR).
> Since the only Linux system I've access to is an old Redhat 5.1
> test drive and since I've no experience building RPMs, my testing
> an RPM would not be a trivial effort.
> How do you intend to use chroot()?

I think what he said was a bit of a misnomer. When Debian creates binary 
packages, everything that will be installed on the system is copied into 
a fake root filesystem under the build tree. For example, if you build 
in your homedir, it might look like this:


Then under this directory you would have /var/dcc and the make install 
puts everything inside there as opposed to installing it on the  host 
system. The standard for Debian (and also the GNU guidelines from 
autoconf, i just know how you love those Vernon :)) is to use $DESTDIR 
from the configure script in order to modify this path.

I hope that clear it up a little,
Brian T Glenn Internet Services

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