AW: Enable greylisting on a per-user basis

Vernon Schryver
Mon Apr 5 15:31:26 UTC 2004

> From: "Bolmerg-Berliner Ludger - Munich-MR" <>

> I saw "temporary greylist embargoed" entries which seem all to be
> related to spam messages.  It looks like clean messages are going through
> immediately.  Does that make sense to you? 

If you see "temporary greylist embargoed", then greylisting has not
been turned off with "option greylist-off"

Besides typographical errors, other possible causes include
  - whiteclnt file not writable by the UID running dccm
  - dccm too old to know about "option greylist-off"

>                                             I would have expected that
> identified spam would be rejected immediately.

That is true, subject to dccm rejection thresholds and so forth.

> As I am using my secondary mail server right now for the tests I
> mainly see spam on that machine.  It is hard to identify clean messages
> and verfiy if the are going through directly.

The best tests are those that are closest to real life.   That is
why it use useful to send real messages from outside domains and 
see what happens.

You could also set DCCM_LOG_AT=0 in /var/dcc/dcc_conf and look at the 
log files for legitimate mail.

> Is there on option greylist-on for the per-user whiteclnt file?         


Vernon Schryver

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