Greylist trouble with

Vernon Schryver
Sun Mar 28 13:14:57 UTC 2004

> From: John Sutton 

> interface up for the users.  I daren't inflict a new (empty) grey_db on them 

If you don't mind turning off greylisting entirely for a while,
there is `dccd -G 0`

An embargo of 0 is supposed pass everything and add the triples to database.
In your case you might use `dccd -G on,0` for a week or two all 
with `dccm -G ipmask/xx` and then switch to `dccd -G on`.  

I made sure (although with insufficient testing) that `dccd G 0` did the
obvious extension of `dccd -G 1second` with the idea of training a
greylist database
`dccd -G 0` is not spelled out explicitly in the dccd man page because
I eventually decided it's not such idea.

> BTW, your suggestion (Vernon) of alternatively using -G noIP sent me 
> scurrying to the man page in a state of confusion!  If you are serious about 
> that then I've got hold of the wrong end of the stick, so *please* explain it 
> (or retract it ;-)

I don't understand.  `dccm -G noip` is the obvious extension of
`dccm -G ipmask`, or vice versa.

Vernon Schryver

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