newbie DCC

Vernon Schryver
Fri Mar 12 14:32:49 UTC 2004

> From: turgut kalfaoglu 

> ...
> really learned much about DCC, apart from installing, and attaching it 
> to spamassassin+amavisd-new
> There are two things I was wondering, we have two mail servers that 
> process about 120K emails each daily.
> I was wondering if  it would be beneficial to start a server locally?


> Second, how can I verify how well the DCC client is working? I did not 
> see a testing procedure to find out how it is working..

spamassassin+amavisd-new is not a DCC client.  You will need to consult
the SpamAssassin or other documentation to determine what it is doing.

The usual DCC clients are dccm, dccifd, dccproc and perhaps cdcc.

If your systems can reach DCC servers, then `cdcc info` or `cdcc stats`
will list RTTs and other information about them.  If not, then 
all available servers will have complaints about 
"DCC server at not responding"

If dccm, dccifd, or dccproc are marking mail as bulk or not, they
will probably be adding X-DCC headers to mail passed through them.

Vernon Schryver

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