DCC version 1.2.34 (really WIN32 building)

Vernon Schryver vjs@calcite.rhyolite.com
Fri Mar 12 00:16:22 UTC 2004

> From: Carl Stehle <webmaster@instantservers.com>

> ...
> - nmake does not know about '.AUTODEPEND'
>   [perhaps '(n)make -a' can be used]

Does the .autodepend line make nmake complain?

> - nmake does not know about '$&' in the 'SMAKE' line
>   [($*B) may work -- current target base file name minus extension]

$* works.

> > > I am trying to use purely MSVC tools.
> > 
> > That's a reasonable goal, but the main design goal must be to work
> > with the Borland tools.  The Borland tools have the major feature
> > of being free.
> Yes indeed; but it is quite close to working with MSVC as well.

How close are the compiler and linker options and commands?

If there is any hope there (I'd not thought of them before),
then I'll come up with something simplistic and dumb for the clean
and clobber rules.  I hate writing any code twice, because differences
inevitiably appear, and that means at least one is wrong.

> > I've currently got this in include/dcc_defs:
> > 
> >     #ifndef WSAAPI
> >     #define WSAAPI __stdcall            /* for MSVC */
> >     #endif

> I think we are saying the same thing about WSAAPI; both compilers
> define it similarly and the above #ifndef is not needed
> (PASCAL is defined as __stdcall).

I don't think I understand.  I thought you said before that
#define WSAAPI __stdcall
is required by MSVC

> Works: struct hostent * (WSAAPI fnc)(const char *))

That works with gcc as well as Borland bcc32.


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