proposal: greylisting and multiple-IP clients

Vernon Schryver
Thu Mar 11 19:43:44 UTC 2004

> From: Iain Morgan <>

> ...
> > Is all of this worth including the 4.4BSD getopt.c in the DCC clients?
> Perhaps just havving an option such as '-G mask' (similar to '-G weak')
> would be sufficient. There may not be much need for including a larger
> netmask. 

My problem is that the standard getopt() function does not allow
a flag to require or have an arg sometimes but not others.  
If -G can work by itself, then it cannot (with the standard) getopt()
ever be followed "mask", "weak", "on" or anything.

`dccd -Gweak` works because `dccd -G` is illegal.  You always had
to say `dccd -G something`, perhaps only `dccd -G ,`

I hate the idea of `dccm -M mask` because dccm already uses a big chunk of
the alphabet.  A program that uses more than half a dozen argv flags
should instead use a control file.

Vernon Schryver

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