proposal: greylisting and multiple-IP clients

John Sutton
Thu Mar 11 18:18:06 UTC 2004

On Thursday 11 March 2004  5:05 pm, Vernon Schryver wrote:
> I guess greylist clients could ask about a modified (address-prime,from,to)
> triple, with the modified address-prime computed by masking the
> true address with

Yes, IMHO that is the way to go.  This approach would solve all 3 of the 
instances which I have had to investigate since starting greylisting on 

> I'd still need a way to tell dccm and dccifd to do that.
> If `dccm -G` took an arg, then `dccm -G mask0.0.0.0` would completely
> ignore the IP address and `dccm -G mask255.255.255.0` would lump /24s.
> Is all of this worth including the 4.4BSD getopt.c in the DCC clients?

Dunno, I'm not up to speed on these subtleties...  If it were down to me (no 
flames please), I'd just whack in another option :-O  -M for Mask looks 
available, -M0 to ignore IP, -M32 as default to give current behaviour.

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