DCC version 1.2.34

Carl Stehle webmaster@instantservers.com
Wed Mar 10 21:01:54 UTC 2004

DCC 1.2.35 (dcclib, cdcc, and dccproc) compiles on Windows
using MSVC with only these changes:
(and of course a new project file and/or makefile)

1. include/dcc_defs.h:

#ifdef MSVC
#define S_ISDIR(mode) (mode & _S_IFDIR)
#define strcasecmp stricmp
#define strncasecmp strnicmp
#define strcasecmp strcmpi
#define strncasecmp strncmpi

#ifdef MSVC
#define WSAAPI __stdcall
#define WSAAPI

Also, dcclib/ck.c and dccproc/dccproc.c do not use
dcc_defs.h but call strncasecmp (strnicmp on MSVC).

2. dcclib/get_port.c (dcc_get_host_ipv4)
 struct hostent * WSAAPI (fnc)(const char *))
 struct hostent * (WSAAPI fnc)(const char *))

Not sure what 'WSAAPI' was intended for but as it is null by
default, I thought perhaps it was for this purpose.

So, I guess that makes it 3 Windows IDEs supported.

Carl Stehle

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