dccd 1.2.34 compile error

Thamer Alharbash talharbash@primustel.ca
Wed Mar 10 18:40:36 UTC 2004

On Wed, 10 Mar 2004, Vernon Schryver wrote:

> > From: Thamer Alharbash
> > No idea. Older versions of the Linux kernel didn't have poll()
> > AFAIK. You're not shipping dcc with a configure.in or
> > configure.ac so I cannot tell what you're tests are like.
> All of the only tests that matter are in the ./configure script.

The simplest thing is to check for /etc/slackware-version and you
can identify it as a slackware box. This really should go in
config.guess I think.

> I don't use a configure.ac mechanism.   I no longer ship a configure.in
> that matches the dccd, dccm, or dccproc distribution or the prototype
> configure.in from which I generate the per-distribution configure.in
> files, because I tired of being told by FSF experts that I'm violating
> FSF coding standards.  I hope to eventually convince them that I'm not
> an apostate or heretic from the Church of the FSF, but a hopeless
> heathen so that they'll leave me alone.

Surprising. I haven't been picked on yet and I shipped
configure.ac before with absolutely no compliance with FSF coding
standard guidelines.

> Do you think the changes in clnt_send.c would not work on Linux?

That's a loaded question :| You are likely to find Linux
distributions which have butchered their own header files so
badly that you won't be compatible. I know the Fedora core now
has problems with a project that relies on some system headers.

AFAIK poll() is in kernel 2.2 and 2.4, so technically it should
work on Linux just fine.

> I'd prefer to wait to turn on poll() for Linux until someone reports
> an installation that needs it because dccm or dccifd have zillions
> of concurrent jobs.

Your dccd release compiles fine on slackware 9 without the
error. I suspect this is an issue with the gcc setup on slackware
8 (which ships with 2.4.18). My advise is to write a test which
tries to compile for poll() with all the flags. If it fails to
compile use select().

If you want I can give you access to a slack 8 box latest
today. The one I have setup at home.

Thamer Alharbash
Systems Developer
Internet Services Group
Primus Canada

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