DCC version 1.2.33

Vernon Schryver vjs@calcite.rhyolite.com
Tue Mar 9 22:15:45 UTC 2004

> From: Valentin Chopov 

> >     Use poll() instead of select() on FreeBSD.
> I think these:
> #ifndef HAVE_POLL
> #undef USE_POLL
> #endif
> in include/dcc_defs.h doesn't allow compiling with poll() on FreeBSD.
> Also FreeBSD needs  #include <poll.h> (I added it  in  include/dcc_clnt.h

This looks like a side effect of the WIN32 changes.  I'll release 1.2.34
tonight or tomorrow with a fix, in case something else crops up.

Vernon Schryver    vjs@rhyolite.com

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