RR.COM abusers

Paul Vixie paul@vix.com
Tue Mar 9 18:06:44 UTC 2004

> Well, it's the only broadband available where I live.  I tried the
> satellite stuff before RoadRunner lit up on my side of town and it was a
> complete disaster.

these companies are not selling you internet access.  they are selling you
a data connection which uses the internet protocol for a carrier.  you should
not treat the ip addresses they give you as "real".  use them to launch
tunnels to real hosts in real rack space elsewhere.  for $50/month you can
get 1U and 3Mbits/sec in a lot of places where the local abuse policy is
enforced and the address space around you is therefore clean.

if someone sells you "broadband" then by all means buy it but don't confuse
it with "the internet".

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