server requirements - exponential growth?

Vernon Schryver
Tue Mar 9 00:46:57 UTC 2004

> From: "Chris Fortune" 

> As each new DCC server is added to the network, does the overall
> traffic between servers grow exponentially or linearly?

Neither, provided the overall network sees enough mail.
Inter-server traffic is a function of the number of distinct streams
of spam mostly as determined by the FUZ checksum seen at all DCC servers.

The pink areas in the second graph correspond to the pink and red areas
in the first graph.
See also your favorite source of global Internet spam statistics.

There are now about 200 DCC servers in the network and there were
about 140 in March, 2003.

The reason inter-server traffic is mostly a function of streams of
spam is that only non-redundant reports of bulk mail checksums are
flooded among servers.

Vernon Schryver

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