localhost in server whitelist?

Vernon Schryver vjs@calcite.rhyolite.com
Mon Mar 8 16:46:18 UTC 2004

> From: John Sutton 

> Am I right in thinking that is whitelisted by some public servers:

> but *not* by others, including at least:

That sounds quite possible.  Given the test, it's hard to argue.

> Is there a way to ignore these IP=ok counts from those servers that do this?  
> Maybe:
> dccm -g not-IP

That looks good.

Given the disparity you've found, perhaps the DCC clients, dccm, dccifd,
and dccproc, should do the equivalent of `dccm -gALL` when using the
anonymous client-ID.   That would be a bad idea if anyone is using
the anonymous ID with their private, local DCC servers and depending
on server whitelist entries.  Does anyone do that?

The server whitelist is a generally bad idea based on a long
discredited model for whitelisting bulk mail.  It seemed a good
idea until the third or fourth DCC server was installed.

> would do it but I've hesitated to do this because I don't understand this 
> paragraph from the man page:
>      -g [not-]type
>          indicates that white-listed or OK or OK2 "counts" from the DCC serv

> What does it mean by "white-listed or OK or OK2"?  Surely whitelisted IS "OK 
> or OK2"?

Yes.  Perhaps that sentence should be 
       indicates that white-listed, OK or OK2, counts from ...

Vernon Schryver    vjs@rhyolite.com

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