help the newbie install DCC?

Vernon Schryver
Thu Mar 4 21:23:41 UTC 2004

> From: "Chris Fortune" 

> Installed DCC on Linux RH 8.  I want to use dccifd in conjunction
>with a perl cgi script, run from a browser, or from a cron job.
> So far, this command line:
> perl -Itest.eml
> produces: 
> result=A
> \n
> \n
> \n
> for all emails tested with (about 1000 so far).
> Obviously I have done something terribly wrong.  Here is the dcc_conf file

I see nothing wrong. 
What do you want to happen instead?  

If you want dccifd to emit the message body, it must be told as much
such as with ` -o body`.
If you want only the X-DCC header, try -oHEADER

Is the trouble that none of those 1000 mail messages were discovered
to be bulk?  If so, is there evidence of something wrong in the
system log, such as dccifd not being able to get past your firewall?
Does `cdcc stats` show you can reach the public DCC servers?

Vernon Schryver

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