documentation confusing?

Chip Paswater
Sat Feb 28 00:53:55 UTC 2004

> Fortunately, I turned on greylisting, and it's been my biggest victory
> against spam to date.  I've had three false negatives (out of 300/day or
> so) in the past one to two months (combined with SpamAssassin and regular
> DCC).  Two of those were nigerian spams from the same ISP (one of the more
> notorious ones), and one was from a compromised formmail script.

I just did some homework on greylisting, and it looks interesting.

Unfortunately it looks like I can't use it because I do all my spam
identification post-MTA with Spamassassin.

It sounds pretty similar to Spamassassin's auto-whitelist feature, which I
also don't use. 

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