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Vernon Schryver
Wed Feb 25 20:15:50 UTC 2004

> From: chris 

> ...
In the I use
When I now try to send a mail locally and offline, the mail is rejected

The fragments of log entries in your mail show your mail being accepted
instead of rejected.

> ...
> Feb 25 11:59:26 mail dccm[23763]: continue not asking DCC 8 seconds 
> after failure
> Feb 25 11:59:26 mail dccm[23763]: mfi_chgheader("X-DCC--Metrics",0,"")=-1
> Is that information cached by my local server?

Dccm caches only the IP addresses and round trip times to DCC servers.


That suggests that you have configured dccm to accept whitelisting
by sendmail.

> no answer from (,6277) after 0 ms
> When this happens locally, what happens on mailservers running dcc?
> In my header I always have a 192.168.x.x and in addition a dynamic IP.

Depending on how you have configured sendmail and dccm, 
when no DCC servers answer, mail is either accepted or temporarily
rejected.  Comments in the dcc.m4 feature file say how to choose which.

Vernon Schryver

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