Suddenly "too many simultaneous mail messages"

Mark Atkinson
Wed Feb 25 15:44:59 UTC 2004

Just fyi

On Tue, 24 Feb 2004, Spike Ilacqua wrote:
> > (I don't understand what you mean by FD_SETSIZE being unreal in any
> > select() implementation that uses arrays of bits.  I've not been
> > paying attention; has FreeBSD replaced the classic 4.* BSD select()
> > with something like the Winsock 2.0 tactic or a wrapper for poll()?)
> As far as I can tell the value of FD_SETSIZE does not necessarily
> reflect the actual limit of that select(), but select() does still have
> limits.

from the freebsd select() function:

         * The magic 2048 here is chosen to be just enough for FD_SETSIZE
         * infds with the new FD_SETSIZE of 1024, and more than enough for
         * FD_SETSIZE infds, outfds and exceptfds with the old FD_SETSIZE
         * of 256.
        fd_mask s_selbits[howmany(2048, NFDBITS)];

Mark Atkinson

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