header length 61951 instead of 46

Bruce Esquibel bje@ripco.com
Tue Feb 24 17:03:03 UTC 2004

> > Most of the bad header length junk has come from
> > but and have also been implicated.
> > is owned by PacBell and delegated to Joseph Zott
> > I've tried sending mail to PacBell and jaz@itvcorp.com without success.
> > The reverse DNS for is ancient and wrong.

Unless they have some kind of firewall, the only machines answering on there
are,, and, besides
the router on 129.

Not sure how you ended up with pacbell, seems to belong to opus.com...

Opus Innovations LLC (YBVXHWNWRD)
   10151 Phar Lap Dr
   Cupertino, CA 95014

   Domain Name: OPUS.COM

   Administrative Contact, Technical Contact:
      Craig, Forney  (ENEPTAZGZI)               cforney@OPUS.COM
      Opus Innovations LLC
      10151 Phar Lap Drive
      Cupertino, CA 95014
      408-896-6707 fax: 419-735-3297

Does seem to be some kind of spam appliance, for $1200 I hope they are
cutting you into the profits.


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