Greylist dies in DCC 1.2.32

Vernon Schryver
Mon Feb 23 21:54:48 UTC 2004

> From: "John R Levine" <>

> My greylist daemon is kaput, and it looks like something's wrong in
> dbclean:
> $ libexec/dbclean -dGNS
> 1.2.32 creating database /var/dcc/grey_db
> no free hash table entry; 6144 of 6144 used
> failed to relink record at 0x362c4; fatal error
> ...

That is strange.  It must have something to do with the dbclean
estimate of the required hash table size.  Since you are using -N,
it must have something to do with your whitelists, including
both /var/dcc/whitelist and whitecommon or any other files included
in /var/dcc/whitelist.  Given a private copy of those files or
hints on their contents, I'll look at it.

`dbclean -dGS -s 1000000` would probably be a sufficent work-around.

Vernon Schryver

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