Greylist dies in DCC 1.2.32

John R Levine
Mon Feb 23 21:43:29 UTC 2004

My greylist daemon is kaput, and it looks like something's wrong in

$ libexec/dbclean -dGNS
1.2.32 creating database /var/dcc/grey_db
no free hash table entry; 6144 of 6144 used
failed to relink record at 0x362c4; fatal error

I'm on fully patched BSD/OS 4.3.1, configured as:

./configure  DCC_CC=shlicc --disable-dccm --with-cgibin=/var/www/cgi-dcc

Increasing the max data and stack sizes with uliimt doesn't make any
difference, nor does the -F flag to dbclean.

The regular DCC daemon and dbclean are fine, it's just the greylist that
has problems.

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