error from SA when submitting to DCC

Will Prater
Sun Feb 15 19:52:56 UTC 2004

On Feb 13, 2004, at 12:53 PM, Will Prater wrote:

> List,
> I was running SA with dccproc just fine, but I decided to use dccifd 
> instead and the last thread was helpful explaining this. It seems spam 
> assassin has no problems when checking the DCC through dccifd, 
> however, when I try and report through spam assassin I get this error:
> DCC -> report failed: Exited with non-zero exit code 126
> Any idea where this is coming from and how I could rectify it? Any 
> direction would be great!

I found a solution, but it is not completely desirable. I found that if 
I removed 'dcc_path' from (spam assassin) I could report the 
spam to the DCC server through Spam Assassins::Report just fine. But If 
I left it in, I would get the errors, although I could use dccifd to 
check the dcc servers just fine. The reason I would like to keep in the 
'dcc path' would be in case dccifd was not running SA could revery to 
using dccproc, now this is not the case. Any ideas to allow this 
fallback and keep the reporting working?



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