Too many early morning pages

Vernon Schryver
Sun Feb 15 14:52:30 UTC 2004

> From: Gary Mills 

> I had another incident this morning where sendmail was rejecting
> connections.  This time, I was able to collect some better information.
> The culprit seems to be `dbclean'.  

> Feb 14 06:06:14 electra dccd[23006]: [ID 968768 mail.notice] 837646 free hash entries among 16760832 total; starting `dbclean -DPq -i 1032`

> It was the first one that ran a very long time, and seems to have caused
> the problems.  The mail server is running DCC 1.2.30, not compiled with
> `--enable-big-db'.  It does have "DBCLEAN_ARGS='-F'" in dcc_conf.  I took
> an `lsof' snapshot of `dccm' at 07:23.  It had 295 IDLE TCP connections,
> but did not run out of file descriptors.

That >95% hash table load is a reason to install 1.2.32 on electra
as soon as possible.

I cannot imagine how dbclean could cause dccm to have lots of idle TCP
sockets.  No matter what craziness dbclean might have been suffering, 
the worst it might have done to dccm is make the system very slow.

> There is a second DCC server that was running normally at the time.
> Why didn't `dccm' just start using it while `dbclean' was running on
> the first one?

Does /var/dcc/map allow that, as indicated by `cdcc info`? 
What happens if you shut down dccd with `cdcc stop`?  Does dccm
switch to the second server?


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