turned on greylisting, dbclean runs every 15secs.

Vernon Schryver vjs@calcite.rhyolite.com
Fri Feb 13 21:07:21 UTC 2004

> From: Mark Atkinson <darkmark@filament.org>

> Ok, solved.  I specified dbclean manually with a -s parameter, where -s
> was sufficiently larger than 1000 (15000 is what I picked) to keep dbclean
> from spawning every 15 seconds because of low hash entries.
> So it seems that w/o a database one is created on first launch of dccd
> with greylisting.  Then by default dbclean resized the db hash entries to
> 80%, which happens to be less than some threshold, which causes cleaning
> to be scheduled immediately again, and from then on every 15 seconds.

The dbclean and dccd programs used for greylisting are the same
programs as those used for DCC servers.  If manual setting of the
size of the hash table were required, someone would surely have
mentioned documentation bug of the lack of mention in the 30 months
since the first DCC servers went into production.

I suspect that:
  - the problem is probably related to permission problems.  Perhaps
   the DCC home directory, often /var/dcc, is not writable by the
   `dccd -G` process.  If so, there are log messages somewhere saying
   why dbclean is unable to do its job

  - alternatively, the problem might be related to bugs in the code that
   tries to run dbclean every night if the cron job is not installed.
   I think I fixed the last of those before 1.2.29, but maybe not.

  - or version 1.2.20 or preceding is being used instead of 1.2.29.
   The CHANGES file entry for that version is:
      Fix dbclean every 20 seconds possibly observed by Kelsey Cummings.
      Stop frequent running of dbclean from dccd to clean up greylisting

  - or some other bug.

Vernon Schryver    vjs@rhyolite.com

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