turned on greylisting, dbclean runs every 15secs.

Mark Atkinson darkmark@filament.org
Fri Feb 13 17:49:30 UTC 2004


I'm running 1.2.29 on freebsd-stable.

I turned on greylisting recently and noticed that dbclean is running every
15 seconds in the logs.  I found one message in the archives mentioning
this behavior, but no resolution.

The message before cleaning begins is:

                dcc_trace_msg("database cleaning begun");

and this is part of

        case DCC_AOP_DB_UNLOCK:         /* start switch to new database */

I note that part of this block in work.c:

                /* don't start our own cleaning */
                del_dbclean_next = cur_time.tv_sec + DEL_DBCLEAN_SECS;
                dbclean_limit = cur_time.tv_sec + DBCLEAN_LIMIT_SECS;

the default DBCLEAN_LIMIT_SECS is 15 seconds.

I haven't had the time to follow this closely, but it seems this can only
be recieved over the protocol for an DCC_OP_ADMN command.  So I suspect
dccm or an initial dblcean is instigating it and it just loops from there?

Mark Atkinson

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