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Kelsey Cummings
Thu Feb 12 19:03:48 UTC 2004

On Thu, Feb 12, 2004 at 08:28:21AM -0700, Vernon Schryver wrote:
> > From: John Sutton <>
> > I need to introduce spam control on my server which is dealing with about 
> > 30,000 emails per day for some hundredes of users.  How am I going to compile 
> > appropriate whitelistings for the solicited bulk mail for my users?  I can 
> > run with "dccm -a IGNORE" for a few weeks, but I don't really want to have to 
> > trawl through 1000's of log files every day looking for likely candidates, 
> > and nor can I expect my users to do that, or even to examine the source of 
> > each email they get to read the X-DCC header line.  Remember, these are 
> > users...;-)
> The global network of about 200 DCC servers is handling about 100 million
> mail messages per day.  I estimate more than 5 million but probably no
> more than 10 million mailboxes are involved.  Some of the organizations
> involve are retail ISPs with more than hundreds of end users.

Or tens of thousands.

> > So I figure what I need to do is to run for a few weeks with -a IGNORE and 
> > modify dccm so that bulk mail has the Subject: header changed to read (say) 
> > "Subject: SPAM?: Re: Fwd: Gimme Viagra!".  Then I tell the users to look 
> > through their inbox listings and let me know about anything which has been 
> > marked "SPAM?:" but shouldn't have been.  Thus I compile the white listings 
> > and then after a few weeks remove the -a IGNORE switch.
> I think most other organizations with similar concerns tell their users
> to watch for X-DCC headers that contain the string "bulk" or they use
> CGI scripts similar to those in the cgi-bin directory in the DCC source
> and tell their users to look at their per-user log files.  When a user
> finds a message that would have been (or was) reject, the user can
> click on it to whitelist similar messages in the future.
> I've not heard any other requests to modify Subject headers.  That is
> rather intrusive for those users that don't want DCC spam filtering.

Why not use Mimedefang as a 'wrapper' for DCC.  It'll give you more features
(like virus filtering) and would allow you to easily modify it's actions,
rewrite subjects, etc.  As well as having hooks for SpamAsssassin, etc.
You can also have some limited peruser control over behavior.

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