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Vernon Schryver
Wed Feb 11 19:49:49 UTC 2004

> From: John Sutton <>

> DCCM_ARGS="-Q -aIGNORE -d -d -d -d -d -d -d -d -d -d -d -d -d"

> Looking through the code in dccm/dccm.c, I would expect to see:
> result: ignore and accept

This is what the dccm man page says about "-a IGNORE".

	specifies the action taken when DCC server counts or -t thresholds
	say that a message is unsolicited bulk.  IGNORE causes the message
	to be unaffected except for adding a header line to the message.
	Spam can also be REJECTed, or accepted and silently DISCARDed with-
	out being delivered to local mailboxes.  The default is REJECT.

What do you mean by "ignore and accept"?  If it is for the SMTP client
to be told 250-OK but for the message to be discarded, then as with
sendmail access_DB files, you might want "-aDISCARD" instead.

> Is this happening because all the mail is coming from one source and that 
> source is on the local net?  And if so, how do I stop that happening?

Mail from is usually whitelisted.  You might need to add
"-g not-IP" to turn off that whitelisting.

Vernon Schryver

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