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Vernon Schryver
Tue Feb 10 23:52:06 UTC 2004

> From: Will Prater <>

> I am having troubles trying to get 'cdcc info' to contacting any 
> servers. I have checked my firewall setting and things should be OK 
> there.
> Here are some examples that I am seeing in my logs.

> Feb  9 17:27:26 stratus dccproc[92224]: sendto( 
> (,6277)): Permission denied

My guess is that your firewall is intercepting the UDP packet
to port 6277 at and responding with a host or
network prohibited ICMP message.

What sort of UNIX system are you running?
What does `cdcc rtt` say?
Have you looked at including
the hints at the end for diagnosing firewall problems?

Vernon Schryver

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