How to whitelist ?

Harley Peters
Sat Feb 7 17:55:05 UTC 2004

Vernon Schryver wrote:
>>From: Harley Peters <>
>>Do you mind telling me how you came to this conclusion from the received 
>>headers below so I don't have to bother you with all my other lists ?  :)
> It is better to look at the DCC log files.  Depending on how you are
> using the DCC, there may be no relevant Received: headers, but whatever
> you might whitelist is visible in the DCC log file for a mail message.
> "mail_host" is in the record of the SMTP envelope from `dccproc -El`
> or in a dccm or dccifd log file.
> Vernon Schryver
> _______________________________________________
> DCC mailing list

Well my dcc log file is empty not sure why it is enabled in dcc_conf. 
May be because I am calling it via spamassassin ? (using dccifd)
I have been able to determine what to look for in the received headers.
And have been able to successfully whitelist all my mailing lists.
Thanks for the help everyone.


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