How to whitelist ?

John Doherty
Fri Feb 6 18:31:49 UTC 2004

At 10:49 AM -0600 2/6/04, Harley Peters wrote:
> I have a bunch of mailing lists which i am trying to white list. So they 
> don't get reported to the dcc servers.
> With most lists i can just put the Return-path mailing address into an 
> env_from statement and the problem is solved.
> However some mailing lists use a Return-Path: mail address with a number 
> in it that varies with every email. How do i white list such lists ?
> Example:
> Return-Path:<>
>                                    ^ this number changes with every 
> email sent from the list.

Are the messages always delivered to you by the same machine (or a
small set of machines)? If so, you could whitelist the IP address
rather than the env_from.


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