Question about disabling greylisting on a virtuser address

Vernon Schryver
Mon Feb 2 20:13:16 UTC 2004

> Is there anyway with the new greylist disable option to disable it for
> a virtuser entry like:
> where "" is MX'ed to the server doing greylisting.  There
> isn't a local account involved, is there a place for a "whiteclnt" file
> for the address somewhere?

The new greylist and log-all option lines are in the per-user whiteclnt
file in the per-user whitelist directory along with the per-user log
directory.  The directory name is really just the -U argument followed by
the "${rcpt_mailer}/${rcpt_addr}" where those are the sendmail macros.
(dccifd uses -U and the local username if provided with the Rcpt_To value.)
Where that directory is for a given mail recipient can be determined
by looking at a dccm log file in the main log directory for the mail

Each env_To line says something like 
    env_To: <>  addr=vjs  dir=userdirs/local/vjs
    env_To: <>  dir=userdirs/esmtp/

If /var/dcc is the DCC home directory, then the greylist options for
those two users are in /var/dcc/userdirs/local/vjs/whiteclnt and

I've not tried any sendmail virtuser tables with dccm, but I would
expect them to look like the second type, which is from an unauthorized
relay attempt.
I'd look for either /var/dcc/userdirs/esmtp/

Vernon Schryver

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