dccifd and SpamAssassin

Billy Ray Miller Miller_Billy_Ray@cat.com
Thu Jan 29 14:51:20 UTC 2004

>The next obvious fix is to pay attention to the return value of
>pthread_detach() and not worry if it is ESRCH.   I'll make that change
>for 1.2.30.   Until I get 1.2.30 out, you might delete the dcc_logbad()
>call at about line 530 in dccifd/dccifd.c in version 1.2.29 of DCC
>source, and then run `make install`.

That seems to have fixed the crashes.  Thanks Vernon!

Im still seeing the "missing message body" and "illegal seek" errors in my
logs, though (and my disks are nowhere near full).  But, this doesnt happen
with every message that goes through the server - only one every here or
there (and since the DCC results come back with an error SpamAssassin just
ignores the DCC check for that message and moves on).  I bet that
SpamAssassin (or how I set it up) is doing something funny with the calls
to dccifd if a message looks a certain way.  MimeDefang is not calling
dccifd directly - only SpamAssassin is talking to it.

Hmmmmm.......something else for me to dig in to....


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