dccifd spam reporting and env_to whitelisting

chris@mikk.net chris@mikk.net
Fri Jan 23 18:48:56 UTC 2004

On Fri, 23 Jan 2004 08:07:19 -0700 (MST) , Vernon Schryver writes:
> > From: Chris Mikkelson <chris@mikk.net>
> > ...
> > as spam.  All I need to do is find a way to allow
> > selected addresses (e.g.  postmaster, abuse, etc.)
> > to receive the message even if it is being reported
> > as spam.
> What is wrong with what dccifd does now when postmaster, abuse, etc.
> are in /var/dcc/whiteclnt?

With the DCCIF_OPT_SPAM option set, dccifd will
always instruct the MTA to reject the message, even
if some or all of the recipients are in /var/dcc/whiteclnt.

I've verified this with dcc-1.2.28, using both
dccif-test and my qmail-queue wrapper.

	cat spam | dccif-test -o spam,body -r $whitelisted_rcpt

returns the modified message body, plus:

	overall result = R
    	    $whitelisted_rcpt : R

With an already reported message, 

	cat spam | dccif-test -o body -r $whitelisted_rcpt

returns the unmodified body, with:

	overall result = A
    	    $whitelisted_rcpt : A

so my whitelisting is working.

Should the two calls be returning the same thing?
I would like that behavior.  I can see the reasoning
behind trusting the MTA's spam determination, but I
can also see some benefit to treating spam being
reported now the same as as spam which was reported
earlier elsewhere.

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