dccifd spam reporting and env_to whitelisting

Chris Mikkelson chris@mikk.net
Fri Jan 23 06:24:31 UTC 2004

I'm using DCC with qmail with a homegrown qmail-queue
wrapper which feeds the message and envelope through
dccif(), and the output (along with modified envelope)
to the real qmail-queue.  If the RBLSMTPD environment
variable is set, the wrapper will report the message
as spam.  All I need to do is find a way to allow
selected addresses (e.g.  postmaster, abuse, etc.)
to receive the message even if it is being reported
as spam.

It would be easy to do this if dccif(), when called
with DCCIF_OPT_SPAM, would return:

	* DCCIF_RESULT_ACCEPT if all recipients
	  were whitelisted with env_to,

        * DCCIF_RESULT_SOME if some recipients
	  are whitelisted, and


and of course, trim the envelope appropriately, and
report the message in any case.

If this dccif() behavior seems appropriate, then this
is a feature request :-)  Otherwise, I'm looking for
a clean workaround that will give me similar behavior.

The only workable idea I can come up with is to have
my qmail-queue wrapper perform its own whitelisting
independently of dccifd.  I would rather avoid this
approach, if possible.

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