How to DCC uucp traffic?

Bolo bolo@Bolo.COM
Fri Jan 23 03:49:39 UTC 2004

I have a MX backup which uses UUCP + rmail to transfer any traffic
they get to me.  Due to the way sendmail handles UUCP traffic and
local posts, it doesn't do access DB checks on this traffic, and
neither does it run milters.  At least that is what I am led to

So, my UUCP traffic isn't being DCCed.  I had an idea that I would
have rmail run the inbound UUCP traffic through dccproc to add the
DCC headers, and send the message to sendmail.  It sits there in
the smmsp queue with the X-DCC header ... and then somewhere in
the delivery process the X-DCC header is stripped from the email.

On a suspicion, I turned of my dccm milter, tried it again, and
voila, the X-DCC header makes it all the way through delivery.
So, It _is_ the milter which is removing it.  I'm missing something

I'd like to how to go about DCCing the inbound UUCP traffic on
a system-wide basis.  I can't do it with the milter, and the milter
is undoing what I can do.

Thanks for any info
Bolo -- Josef T. Burger

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