Greylist logging issue

Vernon Schryver
Thu Jan 22 19:59:34 UTC 2004

> From: Spike Ilacqua 

> My Web interface to DCC tries to glue greylist log entries together so
> that a messages that where embargoed and then excepted or embargoed
> multiple times appear as one easy to understand log.  But I am running
> in to a problem where messages are embargoed and logged, but when they
> pass the embargo are not logged again.  This makes it look in the log
> like the message permanently failed and tends to confuse people.
> My suspicion is that some whitelisting is happening between the embagro
> and retry.  For example if someone sends two message close together when
> the first passes the embargo, the triplet is whitelisted and when the
> second is retried it could just be delivered.  But I'm not 100% sure.

Another case may involve a pair of concurrent messages.  

> Does dccm check if it had previously embargoed a message even if the
> sender is whitelisted? 

If the sender is whitelisted, then dccm does not ask either the DCC
or greylist server about the message.

>                         If it doesn't, it probably needs to so the logs
> can be complete.  If it doesn't I'm on the wrong track, but something is
> still keeping the message from logging...

Have you turned on full looging by setting DCCM_LOG_AT=0 in dcc_conf?


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