Greylist logging issue

Spike Ilacqua
Thu Jan 22 19:14:25 UTC 2004

My Web interface to DCC tries to glue greylist log entries together so
that a messages that where embargoed and then excepted or embargoed
multiple times appear as one easy to understand log.  But I am running
in to a problem where messages are embargoed and logged, but when they
pass the embargo are not logged again.  This makes it look in the log
like the message permanently failed and tends to confuse people.

My suspicion is that some whitelisting is happening between the embagro
and retry.  For example if someone sends two message close together when
the first passes the embargo, the triplet is whitelisted and when the
second is retried it could just be delivered.  But I'm not 100% sure.
Does dccm check if it had previously embargoed a message even if the
sender is whitelisted?  If it doesn't, it probably needs to so the logs
can be complete.  If it doesn't I'm on the wrong track, but something is
still keeping the message from logging...

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