Mailing list embargo log problem

Vernon Schryver
Sun Jan 18 00:10:04 UTC 2004

> From: Spike Ilacqua 

> rejection.  But it's suspicious that set of lists is never retrying even
> tho it seems to be using stock mailing list software and sendmail.

Perhaps the sender is overloaded or misconfigured and the sendmail
queue runners are stuck, broken, or running too infrequently.
There are the complications of the new sendmail multiple spool directories.

> Assuming this turns out to be broken software on the remote end; unless
> we can get it fixed we'll have to globally whitelist the lists.  While
> it *should* be fixed, users arn't going to care who's problem it is,
> only that it use to work and now doesn't.  

It might be good to run the greylist dccd with -G0 for a while
to build up a stock of valid triples.
It might also be bad, because that could greylist-validate some spammers.
It might also not work, because judging from the two log files you sent,
this mailing list is looking like spam to some of your users and being
rejected or discarded.

>                                            They won't like that their
> whitelist doesn't work.  And then there will be the case where someone
> whitelists a list and it works until someone else subscribes...

I think that's the worst aspect of the problem.
I'll look at an option for splitting recipient lists by responding
to Rcpt_To commands with 5yz or 4yz responses.

The starting transition for greylisting might be the worst time.
After your user's current correspondents are known by your greylist
server, you won't have to deal with the "but it worked yesterday"
complaints.  After it is running, you can tell users that fault
lies with their new correspondent's mail systems.

Vernon Schryver

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