Mailing list embargo log problem

Spike Ilacqua
Sat Jan 17 23:31:45 UTC 2004

> Yes, I bet you'll find that's the case in the log file in the main
> dccm /var/dcc/log directory.

That is the case.

> Perhaps it is a bug that the greylist checksums are not present in
> the per-user log file.  I'm not sure.  Are they present in the main
> log file in /var/dcc/log?

The checksums are present for the users that did not whitelist the

> However, even if the greylist checksums were present, they might
> not be not be helpful to the users.  At most your scripts could
> say "greylisted by some other user," but they could do that now.

Even though it was greylisted by another user, it was greylisted for
this user.  The checksum is very useful in matching up the greylisted
logs so the user can see it as one log entry if and when the message is
passes the embargo.  It makes sense to me to see the checksum any time a
message is greylist, whatever the reason.  And it makes sense the user
should benefit from having their triple added to the greylist database.

> That is not a problem in the DCC unless the message is being rejected
> with a 5yz instead 4yz status code.

Right, I understand that and the logs look OK.  I'm trying to reach the
remote postmaster to see what his logs are saying.  In general
greylisting is working fine, the logs are showing "452 4.2.1" as the
rejection.  But it's suspicious that set of lists is never retrying even
tho it seems to be using stock mailing list software and sendmail.

> Such an option would not be a good idea at larger sites.  A single user
> that likes spam would poison filtering for many other people.

I do see that problem and I don't see a better option, but we've had
greylisting on for less that 8 hours and we're already having support
issues with this. 

Assuming this turns out to be broken software on the remote end; unless
we can get it fixed we'll have to globally whitelist the lists.  While
it *should* be fixed, users arn't going to care who's problem it is,
only that it use to work and now doesn't.  They won't like that their
whitelist doesn't work.  And then there will be the case where someone
whitelists a list and it works until someone else subscribes...

But like I said, I don't see a fix.


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