How to move a DCC server?

Vernon Schryver
Sat Jan 17 15:10:20 UTC 2004

> From: Gary Mills 

> ...
> Well, the host names will change.  What are the consequences of
> moving a DCC server from one host to another, but keeping the
> the server ID?

None, as long as everyone who needs to know the new host name knows
about it.

> How about if I first change from a real host name to a CNAME for
> the DCC server?  Can I just change it in the flod file?

Your flooding peers would also need to change it in their flod files
and I would need to change it in my records.

>                                                          Does that
> help with a subsequent move?

Yes, because then only firewalls need to be adjusted in a subsequent
move and only if they are in the paths.

Vernon Schryver

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