Multiple MX and single dccm/dccd - Re: embargo persist passing #

Valentin Chopov
Thu Jan 15 17:18:37 UTC 2004


thanks for the explanation. It looks that these are misconfigured MTAs.

> Are you saying that the following happens:
>   1. unfamiliar SMTP Client sends a msg to MX server Mail1
>   2. mail1 says "450 temporary embargo" to reject the message
>   3. 300 seconds later Client retransmis the same msg to another
>        MX server Mail2

The same message was retransmited to mail2 just few seconds (even 3
seconds only  !) after mail1's "450 temporary embargo"

>   4. although there have been more than 270 seconds since #1 and #2,
>       Mail2 also says "450 temporary embargo" to reject the message
> As long as the embargo is at least 30 seconds, that should not
> happen.  Are you saying it does?

Thanks again,


Valentin S. Chopov, CC[ND]P
Sys/Net Admin
SEI Data Inc.

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