How to move a DCC server?

Vernon Schryver
Thu Jan 15 15:53:50 UTC 2004

> From: Gary Mills

> I'm ready now to move one of my two DCC servers from one host to
> another.  How can I do this in the least disruptive manner?
> Both dccds flood eachother, and also have external floods.  Can I just
> shut one down, and start it up again on a different host, with the
> same server ID? 

In general it is best to not copy any of the binary files.  In particular,
it is usually best to let the mechanisms in dccd repopulate the database.

Copy only the ASCII files such as /var/dcc/{ids,flod,...}
The /var/dcc/map file should be moved by something like
`cdcc info > map.txt` on the old system and `cdcc "load map.txt"` on
the new system.

>                  Will the other dccd be confused? 

No, not unless you change host names or server-IDs.

>                                                    I'd have to notify
> the administrators of the change, of course.

If CNAMES like are used, then you can sometimes
skip bothering the people running the peering servers.  Unless they
have firewalls that have been configured with IP addresses, they
need do nothing.

> I presume I should set up the flood to the server on the new host
> first, and then add it to the client map later.  How long should
> I wait for the new server to synchronize with the old one?

If it is easy to control your clients, could take the new system
out of their map files until the flood from the other servers has
quited.  Depending on the spend of your network and systems and
the rate limiting in dccd, that's a matter of hours.

> Would it be better to obtain a third server ID, and run all three
> dccds for a while?


Vernon Schryver

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