Alfredo E. Cotroneo
Tue Jan 13 16:10:42 UTC 2004

Hi there,

Unless my understanding below is totally wrong :-)  I would kindly ask the 
developers to re-consider modifying the DCC code to allow skipping the DCC 
check when there is a match in the SPAMFRIEND feature in sendmail (as it 
happens for RBL checks):

On Tue Jan  8 16:58:18 2002 (Vernon Schryver) wrote:
 >> From: That Funky Chick <>
 >> And: if you're using sendmail's "spamfriend" feature, does it skip the DCC
 >> check?  (I believe it would, as it does skip any RBL checks.)
 >> ...
 >I've throught of writing the ugly hacks that would be needed to
 >connect sendmail's spamfriend mechanism to the DCC, but keep deciding
 >it's not needed and so punting.  I think it is not needed because
 >"spamfriend's" can be listed in the dccm client whitelist.  For example
 >I use these entries for postmaster:
 >    ok      env-to  postmaster
 >           env-to
 >           env-to
 >Vernon Schryver

Sendmail's SPAMFRIEND mechanism allows for an entire domain or just some 
email addresses to be whitelisted, despite of any other text text appearing 
in the From Header. Also to my understanding DCC whitelist entries MUST 
match exactly the content of a From/To header.  I.e. for DCC :

OK      env_To
OK      env_From

will not match a To/From Header containing:

"Your Dear Postmaster" <>  (right?)

Not having control on how each user may modify his return address in the 
client mail program, makes it quite impossible to predict what to put in 
DCC's whitelists, unless we always keep an eye on what mail is rejected/log 
by DCC, and then modify the DCC whitelists accordingly :-). Sendmail's 
access file works better at this regard, since it may look just at the 
email address ( or you can even whitelist an entire 
domain or something like abuse@ for any local domain.

However in order for the Spamfriend mechanism to work  .... we would have 
the possibility to skip the DCC check. Or am I missing something?

Thanks for any hint :-)


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