DCC on Windows

Carl Stehle webmaster@instantservers.com
Thu Jan 8 18:52:59 UTC 2004

> where I can. If you're prepared to contribute to your code to the code
> base such that it can be used by such projects, I'm sure the developers
> would welcome it.

We would certainly contribute the code for porting DCC to Windows.
Sorry if I was at all unclear about that.

I wanted to understand if the code was wanted, as there were some
prior indications from that this might not be such a good thing.
I did not know if the reasoning had changed at all from that time. 
Also, as we would need to pretty it up, make changes to integrate it
more  cleanly, and support it, we only wanted to get started on that 
if it were to be integrated (in which case we would also use that as an
excuse to ask some internals questions; there are, ah, a few subtleties
in the code which we probably do not understand -- NOT about the fuzzy
checksumming but about the program flow and Un*x dependencies).

Beyond that, there are some issues with multi-threading and multiple
processes that may not affect our particular application, but require
looking into for more general use. Although we have not specifically
checked, I suspect supporting a DCC server is also beyond what we have
done so far; we do not need server mode and did not want to get into
that until understanding DCC much better; an integrated code base would
make that much easier to think about, if not actually implement.

In any case, we have a lot of testing to do before producing any kind
of quality release. I am sure we will come to a much better
understanding of the system and its operation during that process!

Carl Stehle

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