Using and Understanding DCC

Vernon Schryver
Wed Jan 7 15:50:43 UTC 2004

> From: "Errol U. Neal Jr." <>

> ...
> by creating a digital checksum of certain parts of an email message (I 
> think). However what I do not understand is what those parts are.. Can someone
> enlighten me please.

> ...
> What does it mean that the checksums are "fuzzy" and which aspects of a 
> message are ignored.

I actively discourage talk about how the DCC checksums work.  There
is no profit in giving aid and comfort to the enemy with public

> Also, I have DCC set to log messages that have a count of 5. The logging is 
> done in /var/dcc/log and here is a sample file:
> ...

>                       Fuz2: 25b5a631 fd7f65e1 158d66da 7ac02cc1    many

> My question is are the "counts" made on the Body, Fuz1 and Fuz2? Is it a 
> total, ie Body+Fuz1+Fuz2 or which every scores 5? Secondly, what are the 
> Fuzz* checksums?

I do not understand that question.   However, If you will read the web
pages, I think you will find that "MANY" amounts to millions and is
larger than 5.

Vernon Schryver

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